Not enough info given on charities


After reading “Ex-union VP Norwood Jewell implicated in UAW-FCA scandal” (, Jan. 31) and other articles, I am saddened to hear of these accusations against upper UAW leaders. My suggestion to all UAW elected and appointed leaders is to lead with integrity and honesty and to uphold your oath of office.

I do not know how these charities have come about or how they were set up, but I do know that as a former local union president, I had reservations about fundraising for them and refused to be involved, simply for the fact that not enough information was ever given to me so that I could make a clear decision for the membership I served. Region 5 had one charity of which I knew nothing about other than being encouraged to participate by the Region 5 director. I now know that it has been stopped in light of all the investigations.

My only question is: If it was OK to have it going then, why was it stopped altogether in all the locals of Region 5? Maybe all the “charities” have been stopped. It would be nice to have an answer.

JOHNNY PRUITTE, Arlington, Texas