Maserati product updates move in slow lane

The Alfieri concept is rumored to be undergoing a redesign as an EV.

Maserati enthusiasts are accustomed to waiting for new models. Take, for example, the five years between when the Italian premium brand unveiled its Kubang concept in 2011 and when the production version, the Levante, showed up in the U.S. More patience will be needed as Maserati’s product plans run into delays.

Ghibli: A freshening of the midsize sedan, introduced in 2013, has been put off until late 2018.

Quattroporte: The flagship sedan was last freshened with minor styling tweaks in 2016 and isn’t due for a redesign until at least 2022.

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Future Product Pipeline

Alfieri: The concept two-seat coupe debuted at the 2014 Geneva auto show and was to arrive in 2016, followed immediately by a convertible. Now it looks like the Alfieri hardtop won’t arrive until at least 2020, and it’s rumored to be undergoing a redesign as an electric vehicle.

GranTurismo: A redesign of the GranTurismo coupe and convertible has been put off until 2020, sources say, with the convertible variant arriving six to 12 months after the hardtop.

Compact utility vehicle:This vehicle, to be built on Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform, which it would share with the similarly sized Alfa Romeo Stelvio, would slot below the Levante. The vehicle remains under consideration, sources say, but may face problems because it would compete in many showrooms with the Stelvio.

Levante:The vehicle arrived in U.S. dealerships late last year, giving Maserati a powerful competitor in the luxury crossover segment in North America and China. The all-wheel-drive Levante isn’t due for a freshening until at least 2022, under traditional exotic product planning cycles.