Limbo is the place for full-size sedans


The discussion about the full-size sedan dying has been going on for years (“Shifting sands for sedans,” July 24).

The minivans of the ’80s and ’90s justified their existence because they were more useful than a small station wagon. The first SUVs advertised that you could go anywhere and not have to stop because of horrible weather. It has been reported that consumers will spend $2,500 more for a crossover. Because crossovers are based on the same basic platforms as their sedan counterparts, that extra money is pure profit.

So where does this leave the full-size sedan? If the automakers are smart, limbo. Platforms can go on forever, which the Detroit 3 have proved, especially in full-size cars. The newest Impala is a big, comfortable car that rental companies will love forever. The Impala and Buick LaCrosse could be rolled down the same lines as the Malibu, just in smaller quantities. The Cadillac XTS is just draining sales from the CTS and CT6. It’s another car that can go to fleets.

Eventually, height-challenged people are going to get sick of climbing in and out of tall vehicles. They are also going to tire of handling that is just tippy, and the fuel economy is going to get old.

And a nice, comfortable hybrid that gets excellent fuel economy could be the next evolution of the full-size car.

CHARLES WININGHAM, Alton, Ill. The writer is an archivist for Lambda Car Club International’s newsletter, The Driveshaft.