JD Power launches branded FandI products

J.D. Power has begun offering F&I products, labeled J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products, for new-car buyers across the U.S., the company said.

“The confidence inspired by our brand is something we believe will help lead new-car dealers to more sales of these important products and more satisfaction with the dealer-customer relationship in the long term,” Chris Sutton, vice president of U.S. automotive retail practice for J.D. Power, said in a press release.

J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products include extended service contracts, tire-and-wheel protection, paint and fabric protection, GAP, key replacement, lifetime warranty, dent-and-ding protection, maintenance, high-tech coverage and windshield protection.

As previously reported, J.D. Power began offering F&I products at 10 dealerships last September.

That pilot ended in December.

J.D. Power is licensed to offer the products in all 50 states, but is not yet present in all of them, J.D. Power spokesman Geno Effler said in an email. “Currently, we have nearly 25 dealerships signed up, representing nine different brands,” he said.