Infiniti queues up restyled QX50, QX80

The QX80 Monograph, shown here, reveals where Infiniti is taking the QX80, including a blacked-out A-pillar.

Key parts of Infiniti’s portfolio are now new or refreshed, but the brand will enter 2018 with two updated products that represent the brand’s highest volume product potential: the entry-point Q50 sedan and the QX50 crossover. Also coming up for 2018 is the restyling for the full-size QX80 SUV.

But 2018 will also see one of Infiniti’s distinctive models of the past decade, the QX70 crossover, drop from the line as the brand prepares to intensify its focus on the promising QX50 and, later, the QX80.

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Future Product: Nissan and Infiniti brand timelines

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Future Product Pipeline

Q50: Infiniti has freshened the entry-level sedan for 2018, its fifth model year. The 2018 will be marketed in four packages, with new trim and front and rear fascia treatments, wheels and interior trim intended to differentiate between the Pure base model, the Luxe and Sport versions, and the enthusiast-end Red Sport package.

Q60: The coupe is all new for 2017 and carries over in 2018.

Q70: A redesigned Q70 sedan will appear in late 2018 or early 2019, possibly selling as a 2020 model.

Q80: The proposed new hybrid-electric flagship fastback sedan, larger than the Q70, was expected to appear in 2020. It is not clear whether it’s still on that timetable.

QX30: Infiniti’s small crossover, built on the Mercedes-Benz GLA architecture, was new for 2017. It carries over unchanged in 2018.

QX50:Early next year, the crossover receives its first full redesign since it appeared in December 2007 as the EX. In addition to a styling update and interior makeover, the second generation will come with a full package of advanced safety features.

It also gets a newly developed variable-compression turbo engine, which, according to Infiniti, combines the power of a high-performance 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine with the torque and efficiency of an advanced diesel powertrain. The variable-compression engine replaces the current V-6 gasoline engine.

QX60: Infiniti will unveil a limited edition of the QX60 in August. The three-row crossover received a substantial refresh in the 2016 model year. First launched in 2013 as the JX, it is likely to receive its next update in 2019 or 2020.

QX70:​ The midsize crossover has been withdrawn from the lineup for 2018 and will likely be absent for at least three years. In 2021 or 2022, Infiniti will receive a replacement crossover derived from the Nissan Murano platform, built in Canton, Miss. Not clear yet is whether the Murano-based Infiniti will be a temporary model or a new product.

QX80: Infiniti has already revealed its direction on the next QX80 in the QX80 Monograph concept, shown this year in New York. The design, penned by Nissan’s newly promoted global design chief Alfonso Albaisa, featured a double-arch grille and a more noticeable and deeper mesh grille. It’s taller and wider than the current model. The design incorporates a blacked-out A-pillar that is flush with the side windows and windshield, and a crescent D-pillar that is cut sharper than on the current model. A body line runs from the grille to the rear of the vehicle.