Facebook updates ad features to convert mobile shoppers

Facebook has updated two of the platform’s ad tools to better serve the auto industry in its quest to reach mobile shoppers.

The social media giant is working to bring more relevancy to auto ads and open dialogue to dealership service shops by tailoring its dynamic ads and lead ads offerings.

The dynamic ads feature allows dealerships, manufacturers and third-party sites to upload vehicle inventory along with information such as make, model and year. Facebook says it then automatically generates ads for interested shoppers that can drive them to vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms or any other place the advertiser wants them to go.

The company says auto marketers can deploy ads across devices — smartphones, tablets and computers — that are unique to each uploaded vehicle without configuring the ads individually.

Facebook has made the dynamic ads function easier for the auto industry to use. The feature has been around for nearly three years but was geared toward e-commerce advertisers. There were workarounds for auto marketers to use the feature, but it wasn’t available to everyone like it is now, said Stephanie Latham, Facebook’s director of U.S. automotive.

Latham says dynamic ads matches vehicles to people whose activity on and off Facebook suggests they’re in market for a car. Facebook can further target the ads to people with interests that are similar to those of the known in-market shoppers.

“We’ve listened to everything we’ve heard in the industry on what we need to do to make these more compelling and impactful for auto. Buying a car is such a low-frequency, high-consideration purchase, we want to make sure we’re giving dealers and manufacturers the tools and opportunities to catch the right person with the right vehicle at the right time,” Latham told Automotive News.


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