EVs and dealerships

After reading the cover story in the December issue, “Electrical storm,” I am not so pessimistic about the impact of electric vehicles on fixed ops revenue, at least in the intermediate term.

Most next-generation EVs are being built, unless consumer preferences change dramatically and quickly, for ride-sharing applications. Quite rightly, as these vehicles can stay on the road a whole lot longer, for a lot more miles.

Although the average consumer vehicle is only in operation 4 percent of the time, the average ride-sharing vehicle is used 25 percent of the time — more than a sixfold increase. If actual service dollars drop to about one-fifth of current revenue, but usage of EVs goes up by six times, not all that much is lost.

Of course, only dealers who get into the game of providing service for ride-sharing fleets will benefit. But as a dealer quoted in the article says, “You have to keep adapting and changing.”

JOHN F. POSSUMATO, CEO, Automotive Mobile Solutions, Haddonfield, N.J.