Alan Peckolick, GM logo designer, dies at 76

Alan Peckolick, the artist behind a version of the General Motors logo, died Aug. 3 in Danbury, Conn., The New York Times reported. He was 76.

The cause was brain damage sustained after a fall, according to his wife, Jessica Weber. Peckolick had Parkinson’s disease.

He is credited with devising the “muscular solid bar” under the GM initials. 

In addition to logos, Peckolick is credited with designing typefaces for Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer and Revlon.

Peckolick was born Oct. 3, 1940, in New York City. He was rejected by several art schools until he was accepted by Pratt Institute in the city, but he was asked to leave the illustration department because he couldn’t draw.

Peckolick switched to graphic design and graduated in 1964. He then opened his own office, where he worked until joining Lubalin, Smith and Carnase in 1972. He would later take over as a partner.